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GIF: Deeds’ and Hanger’s 24 Year Redistricting Dance

State Senators Creigh Deeds (D-Bath) and Emmett Hanger (R-Mount Solon) were the only two Senators in last week’s Republican-proposed mid-decade redistricting to be thrown into the same district. Should both seek re-election without moving, they would battle each other for the new 24th District in 2015, 24 years after Deeds defeated then-Delegate Emmett Hanger for […]

MAP: New Proposed Senate Districts with 2012 Election & 2010 VAP Race

I have updated my previous visualization of 2012 polling-place returns in Virginia that showed a serious racial divide between diverse precincts and white precincts to include the mid-decade district lines rammed through the State Senate on Monday. See previous for comparison maps and old to new district redistribution figures. Areas are shaded by their total […]

INTERACTIVE: Virginia Mid-Decade Redistricting Senate Map

UPDATE 7:35PM: Using official shapefile released by Virginia Division of Legislative Services, see this Google map of new districts. See this post for comparison maps and continuing coverage.

Maps of Mid-Decade Virginia Senate Redistricting (UPDATE 4X)

Using the bill provided by Not Larry Sabato I have been able to create some preliminary maps of the mid-decade redistricting currently before the House of Delegates, passed today by the State Senate. First is State Senate District 25, where Democratic Sen. Creigh Deeds has been moved into a district containing heavily Republican Augusta County. […]

The War on Drugs is a War On You

A man calling himself “D.Sinn” take up his cardboard cause at the University of Florida.

FDP CHAIR ELECTION: How A Silly Rounding Problem Overweights the Panhandle (Like the Electoral College)

Previous analysis here has shown that the Electoral College, small states are vastly overrepresented due to minimum seat thresholds and the mathematical properties of rounding off small quantities. The upcoming Florida Democratic Party election for state chair, for completely unnecessary reasons, has the exact same problems: overweighting of the smallest, most rural localities. Small numbers […]

Predatory Towing, Level 99

Spotted in Gainesville: not PassiveAggressiveNotes material.