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Occupy Frankfurt

Each Occupy protest has its own flavor. In Frankfurt, there is a definite anti-capitalism in the air that American protesters have not quite gotten to. Asking for substantial reform and asking to smash it all to pieces are slightly different concepts, after all. Having a huge Euro in the park where Occupy Frankfurt has been […]


Seems that everyone in Frankfurt am Main and Vienna had someone’s hand to hold on to. Dangling hearts They hold hands… …and march in lockstep. Vienna U-bahn Love is holding your girlfriend’s shopping? Or is it your wife’s shopping? Just a hug… “The deepest experience and fulfillment of life is the feeling of being in […]

Two Cloudy Days in Iceland

Geysir Iceland is a land of contrasts. Glacier mafia? It’s called the “Land of Fire and Ice” for its glaciers and volcanones. It’s called “Iceland”, yet the Gulf Stream keeps the climate mild. It has the oldest legislature in the western hemishpere, and is home to some of the newest blocks of land thanks to […]