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Interactive Map: South Korea Elects First Female President

On December 19, 2012, South Korean voters elected Park Geun-hye of the ruling Saenuri party to a five-year term as president, defeating Democratic United Party nominee Moon Jae-In. Park defeated Moon by a narrow 51.6% to 48.0%. Moon Jae-in won the southwestern Jeolla region by over 70 percentage points and a smaller margin in the […]

Realignment and Opportunism for Bill Bolling and Charlie Crist

For Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Florida’s former Governor Charlie Crist, Republicans who were blocked from higher office from within their own party, their political destiny hangs on a momentous decision in this winter of 2012: whether to sever their lifelong loyalties to the Republican Party. They need a mixture of two elements to […]

Louisiana CD03 Geographic Primer

For inveterate political junkies watching tonight’s all-Republican runoff in Louisiana’s 3rd District, the last member-member race of the year, I’ve prepared this quick map showing the old CD03 (Rep. Jeff Landry) and CD07 (Rep. Charles Boustany) laid over new CD03 results from November. As you can see, the largest parishes of the new district are […]

Schnitzel Shack, Georgia’s finest (and only) German-Thai fusion

When I went to Savannah over Labor Day Weekend (photos), a group of SCAD students I chatted up at the Rail Pub on Congress Street strongly recommended that I eat at a German-Thai fusion place called the Schnitzel Shack. Wait, what? According to them, a German immigrant and a Thai immigrant got married, moved to […]

Lowcountry Boil

A Labor Day weekend sojourn through Southeast Georgia: the Kingsland Catfish Festival, Savannah, and the Mighty Eigth Air Force museum.

Custom Election Maps: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the political hack that has everything? (Or for yourself.) Why don’t you celebrate their glorious victories by giving them a custom wall map of any state, county, or district in the nation? I’m taking custom commissions, and will print any message you’d like on it. E-mail me […]

Infographic: The Electoral College is a Little Bit Racist

♫ Everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes. Doesn’t mean we go around committing hate crimes. Look around and you will find No one’s really color blind. ♫ –Avenue Q It’s well known by now that the Electoral College drastically overweights the voters of small states, to the point where 1 Wyoming resident casts the equivalent […]