Median Romney Student Donor Gives $2,500: Caviar Not Included

In case you didn’t check your email yesterday, the 3rd quarter campaign fundraising deadline passed.¬†For the rest of you, all your complaints about how many solicitation emails you got don’t really register because those emails worked.

Data for the 3rd quarter isn’t available yet, but the FEC allows bulk download of individual contribution data up to the 2nd quarter. Mitt Romney has raised over a half million dollars from donors who gave over $200 and listed their occupation as “Student”. The vast majority of that money came from students who coughed up at least $2,500!

Small wonder Mitt Romney’s solution to the student loan problem is “borrow some money from your parents”. You can see why it rang rather hollow when Ann Romney brought up their hard-knock college life story of stock sales, tuna, and pasta.

At Democratic fundraisers, generous partisans will sneak college kids in for free, for cheap, or for volunteer labor, and we cleaned out all the food without shame. (A hearty thank you to every single donor and campaign that took pity on us penniless Young Democrats, rest assured that I will be returning the favor soon.) I suppose at Republican fundraisers the student attendees shake their money trees.

All I’m saying is that you can bet the typical Romney supporter on campus isn’t eating a lot of ramen.

I never understood Top Ramen’s popularity, it tastes of sadness. Pictured above are two superior brands of ramen that I recommend you eat instead.

The dataset is below:

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