About Me

I’m a Democratic strategist who has worked in field, polling, mapping and data. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Florida.

I grew up in Springfield, Virginia, where I started volunteering for campaigns and was one of the first political bloggers focusing on Virginia state politics. I built my first website at 11, and applied those self-taught skills to politics. My first blog in 2005, 750 Volts, was followed by later writing on New Dominion Project and Blue Virginia. I picked up an interest in photography, which eventually overtook my writing as I photographed rallies and events in the Democratic sphere. It was on the blogs that I first developed an interest in mashing up geographic and political data, starting with primitive Microsoft Paint coloring and later teaching myself GIS software.

As a teenager, I served as a district secretary in the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, the youngest at the time, and on the executive board of the Virginia Young Democrats. In 2008 I was selected to be a page at the historic Democratic National Convention in Denver where we nominated Barack Obama. I graduated from George Mason University, where I was co-president of the College Democrats. In addition to time working on campaigns, first in field and then as a manager, I’ve also spent time working at Hamilton Campaigns, a Florida-based Democratic polling firm.

Twitter: @KentonNgo

Email me: kenton@kentonngo.com