Monthly Archives: October 2012

GIF GIS: Animating the Change in Virginia Absentee Ballots

Using data from the Virginia State Board of Elections, I have created this timeseries animation for the county-level change in mail and in-person absentee voting from 2008 and 2012. It is important to note in any analysis of Virginia early vote that it is not a no-excuse state, you must still give a reason even […]

The Art of Cracker Cooking

In the recesses of everyone’s memory (or at least of mine), there is a hallowed space for moments of satiated gluttony so outrageous that they remain as totems to a meal. Tinged with the context of who was there, the symbolic value of why I had traveled so far, they are most importantly memories of […]

Jumbo Shad Plank – The Nassau County Sign-Raising

Last week I received a call from Jay-Paul Thibault, chair of the Nassau County Democratic Executive Committee. They needed volunteers to raise a 20-foot Obama sign. Wait, 20 feet? I come from Virginia, home of the Shad Planking, the annual sign war in a clearing in Wakefield to end all sign wars. This is a […]

Boxscores, Maps, and the Curse of Kenton

I am certain that the Washington Nationals will do fabulously in this year’s playoffs. How do I know? I moved from the DC area to Florida in January. Curses evaporate when I leave. There’s precedent for this. After I moved to DC from Boston in 2001, the Red Sox built themselves into curse-destroyers in 2004. I […]