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The Mack-Mack Line: South Florida Father vs. North Florida Son

The Chinese often say that “富不过三代” – wealth is not passed down for more than three generations. My parents had a Chinese proverb for everything, and the fortunes of the fourth generation of the Mack family are no exception. 2012 was not a good year for the descendants of Cornelius McGillicuddy, Senior (1862-1952), better known […]

Gwinnett County, Georgia: The Next Stop on the Demographics Express

Newton Leroy Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and failed 2012 presidential candidate, pretended to be “shocked” at the outcome of last week’s presidential election. He shouldn’t be, and he’s certainly smart enough to know that the outcome of this year’s titanic head-on collision on the train tracks of American elections wasn’t exactly hard to […]

The Racial Anatomy of a Split Precinct

Gone are the days when redistricting consisted of markers and paper: now we know down to each and every block exactly how many white people over the age of 18 live there. In state like Virginia where white voters and minority voters are in total opposition, this matters. I do still check on political blogs […]

GIF GIS: Animating the Change in Virginia Absentee Ballots

Using data from the Virginia State Board of Elections, I have created this timeseries animation for the county-level change in mail and in-person absentee voting from 2008 and 2012. It is important to note in any analysis of Virginia early vote that it is not a no-excuse state, you must still give a reason even […]

The Art of Cracker Cooking

In the recesses of everyone’s memory (or at least of mine), there is a hallowed space for moments of satiated gluttony so outrageous that they remain as totems to a meal. Tinged with the context of who was there, the symbolic value of why I had traveled so far, they are most importantly memories of […]

Jumbo Shad Plank – The Nassau County Sign-Raising

Last week I received a call from Jay-Paul Thibault, chair of the Nassau County Democratic Executive Committee. They needed volunteers to raise a 20-foot Obama sign. Wait, 20 feet? I come from Virginia, home of the Shad Planking, the annual sign war in a clearing in Wakefield to end all sign wars. This is a […]

Boxscores, Maps, and the Curse of Kenton

I am certain that the Washington Nationals will do fabulously in this year’s playoffs. How do I know? I moved from the DC area to Florida in January. Curses evaporate when I leave. There’s precedent for this. After I moved to DC from Boston in 2001, the Red Sox built themselves into curse-destroyers in 2004. I […]