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Median Romney Student Donor Gives $2,500: Caviar Not Included

In case you didn’t check your email yesterday, the 3rd quarter campaign fundraising deadline passed. For the rest of you, all your complaints about how many solicitation emails you got don’t really register because those emails worked. Data for the 3rd quarter isn’t available yet, but the FEC allows bulk download of individual contribution data up […]

Romney Convention Bounce in Google Search Volume Fails to Fade

In 2004 and 2008, search volume from June to September of the election remained about even between the two major party candidates, but this year is different. The chart above illustrates comparative search volumes for the names of the two major party candidates (no quotes) from the 21st to 6th week before the election. The […]

CHART: Bulgarian-American Vote in Key Swing States

Here’s a bit of Friday fluff. Tweets of the day: Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato When I grew up, VA was the Bulgaria of U.S. politics. Now it’s our Paris. All the cool people come. 1:02 PM – 21 Sep 12 Larry Sabato ‏@LarrySabato If I were running 4 POTUS, my earlier slur of Bulgaria would already […]

Winning by Losing in the Hong Kong Legislative Council Election

Pro-democracy Legislative Councillor Tanya Chan (center right, black shirt) breaks up a fight at a protest outside the old Legislative Council building on June 23, 2010. I took this photo while in Hong Kong on a summer exchange program which placed me with the Civic Party for a few weeks. Chan lost her seat on […]

Kal Penn at the DNC

It’s great seeing Kal Penn, of House and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle (the most famous movie with an Asian lead that isn’t kung-fu!), on the podium at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Four years ago, at the 2008 convention, he was the sign usher assigned to the Virginia delegation. I couldn’t believe […]

Notes from the DNC Floor: Baudrillard’s Gavel

Originally written September 1st, 2008, after I returned from the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO as a page for the Virginia delegation. (A screenshot of the original is at right.) I was too young to run for Delegate from Virginia by a few months at the time, so I started badgering everyone I could […]

Yarn Capitol

Spotted at the Nassau County Democrats annual Low Country Boil: a yarn-based replica of the U.S. Capitol. Everything down to the shrubbery is knitted. Surely useful as a metaphor for how Congress is tied up in knots. (I’ll be here all week, try the veal!)