Tonight on Mad Men, Advertising Eats Itself

I, Kenton Ngo, a man who works for a Democratic consulting firm, was just served an ad from Univision selling political ads.

A wormhole has just opened. They’re using ads to feed more ads.

The advertising spaces of metro Washington, DC where I grew up are filled with ads that aren’t meant for you. Commuters on the Metro scarcely notice ads touting the newest ways to blow things up plastering the Pentagon station, or whatever lobbying fight is happening at Capitol South. You are not thinking of buying a brand-new Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker out to impress the ladies, but more likely than not someone who has that purchasing power is standing there on the platform with you.

No matter. That’s just for show. Nowadays all you have to do is stick a tracking cookie on the Armed Services staff and sell them on the masculinity-enhancing powers of brand new ways to blow things to pieces.

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