Elizabeth Warren, Philosopher

You’ve probably seen this clip go viral. Let’s be clear as to why this speech in particular is special.

What we have now is a fundamental disagreement on the role of government. Libertarians and conservatives have made their positions clear. Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the few Democrats that has, over time, successfully managed to articulate a clear defense of the role of government in bolstering our quality of life.

It’s not about stopping House Republicans from slashing things. It’s about a firm defense of a government that works for the people. When Democrats argue about how much they want to slash, that’s the big picture they miss. When you bargain, you start with an ideal that clearly articulates a philosophy of the role of government and then go from there.

Even if you don’t agree with me, you can appreciate the way that Warren has been framing this fight. 2016 beckons, doesn’t it? A man can dream.

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