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INTERACTIVE MAP: June 11 VA Democratic Primary by Polling Place

The following maps show precinct-level unofficial returns for statewide offices in the June 11, 2013 Virginia Democratic Primary. Each dot represents one polling place, totals for polling places with more than one precinct are combined. Click to retrieve individual results, and use the zoom and pan tools to zero in on a neighborhood. Democrats nominated […]

Ralph Northam’s Perfidy

State Sen. Ralph Northam (D) (VCU CNS) Voters deserve what they voted for. State Senator Ralph Northam, New York’s “Independent Democratic Caucus”, and Washington’s “Majority Caucus Coalition” don’t seem to care. This morning, Ralph Northam reiterated his openness to “power sharing” with Republicans if a duly elected Democratic majority in the State Senate happens. While […]

GIF: Mapping EW Jackson’s RPV Convention Victory

The above map shows the winner of each city or county’s delegation from last month’s Republican Party of Virginia convention. A handful of counties and cities were combined into the same delegations, and that is reflected in the map. If you haven’t heard of E.W. Jackson, this year’s Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor in Virginia, […]

Section 60

Memorial Day is about war. I’m fortunate to have never seen war, like my parents or my grandparents’ generation. After they made it over here to the United States, peace was at hand. I have no war photos. I only have photos of war’s shadows. “There is no instance of a country having benefited from […]

Senator Bolo Tie?

I heard today that Senator Max Baucus of Montana is retiring. Rumors are swirling that former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer might run. Why is this exciting? Aside from Virginia’s Tim Kaine, famous for his eyebrow, few Senators have a compelling visual that is instantly identifiable. Brian Schweitzer? Photo by Bob Brigham He loves bolo ties. […]

Virginia Tech: How do you photograph who isn’t there anymore?

Today is the 6th anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre. I grew up in Virginia, and one of the victims, Leslie Sherman, graduated from my high school. I also won’t forget one photo assignment I had as an intern on Greg Werkheiser’s campaign for Delegate in 2009, two years after the Virginia Tech shooting. This […]

How Top Two Primaries Will Crush Montana Grassroots (From Both Parties)

Top-two primaries might seem to be more open on the surface, but they are a corruption of the primary process that gives party bosses more control, not less control over who runs for office. They strongly incentivize reducing the number of candidates, which violates the entire purpose of opening up the nomination process. Chaos in […]