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Amy Chua is the worst parent in the world.

There, I said it. You might remember Amy Chua. You might remember her as the deranged “Tiger Mom” that thinks wearing down your children to withered husks of misery was the way to get them into Yale, that thinks that calling her daughters “garbage” will be good for them. She’s out with a new book, […]

MAP: A Republican in Arlington, Once Upon a Time

Veteran Rep. Frank Wolf (R) announced this morning that he was declining to seek re-election. First elected in 1980 after unseating a Democrat, his district, once based in Arlington and inner Fairfax Counties in Virginia and stretching out to then rural Loudoun County, his district marched steadily westward, fleeing the increasingly Democratic inner suburbs. A […]

Elizabeth Warren, Philosopher

You’ve probably seen this clip go viral. Let’s be clear as to why this speech in particular is special. What we have now is a fundamental disagreement on the role of government. Libertarians and conservatives have made their positions clear. Senator Elizabeth Warren is one of the few Democrats that has, over time, successfully managed […]

On Labor Day

It’s Labor Day. Remember who’s disemboweling our generation and exploiting our labor for record corporate profit. Without single payer health care, our lives and deaths are shackled to our jobs, making moving or starting your own business far riskier than it should be. Without proper taxation of heiresses and the wealthy, our schools and universities […]

MAP: Saint Petersburg Mayoral Election

On Tuesday, voters in Saint Petersburg, Florida voted in the first round of this year’s mayoral election, advancing incumbent Mayor Bill Foster and Rick Kriseman to the runoff election in November. Below is a dot density map where one dot equals one vote. This graphic is heavily inspired by the Los Angeles Times maps of […]

Beijing Bump to Chinatown

I’m on vacation with my family. Today we were scheduled to fly from Baltimore to Newark to Beijing to begin our journey. Don’t let that photo fool you, we never made it to Beijing. That’s an ad on the New York City subway selling health insurance. We heard a magical sentence at Newark “Liberty” International […]

Entries and Exits: Map of a Day on the Washington Metro

The above graphic maps, per hour, entries and exits per station on a typical weekday on the Washington Metro, similar to this animation of the London Underground. Station data by hour was provided by WMATA for October 2012. Red stations have more exits than entries in a given hour, while green stations have more entries. […]