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2012 Amelia Island Chili Cook-Off

The 2012 Amelia Island Chili Cookoff in Fernandina Beach featured 27 contestants to benefit the Amelia Island Montessori school.

Hi Mom!

Recycling ads is nothing new, especially when the focal point is one of the most enduringly positive concepts in America: a candidate’s mother. Notice how North Dakota Republican Rep. Rick Berg, who is running for Senate this year, copies an ad for former Democratic Minority Leader Delegate Ward Armstrong: Rick Berg for Senate 2012: Ward […]

Contraception Facts: Bad Infographics, or Enough With The Verticals Already

If you’re going to make an infographic that is 1,800 pixels high, you better have a really good reason. The Obama campaign, well-known for a keen graphic sense unseen in history, put out some facts on the birth control insurance mandate in the form of an infographic that requires five or six scrolls to get […]

Hoekstra’s Yellow Hands: A Brief History of anti-Chinese Racist Campaign Ads

You have probably seen Rep. Pete Hoekstra’s horrifically racist Super Bowl ad, featuring an Asian woman speaking broken English while riding through her rice paddy with a conical hat: I’m a native-born Chinese American. Odious scumbags like Rep. Pete Hoekstra and his daft team make my blood boil hotter than lava. I’m not going to […]