Monthly Archives: July 2012

Yarn Capitol

Spotted at the Nassau County Democrats annual Low Country Boil: a yarn-based replica of the U.S. Capitol. Everything down to the shrubbery is knitted. Surely useful as a metaphor for how Congress is tied up in knots. (I’ll be here all week, try the veal!)


Dahlia Lithwick on Slate: The court’s liberals voted to find a ministerial exception to employment discrimination laws for religious schools and churches; ruled against the EPA in a wetlands case; and, as Adam Liptak points out, the court’s liberals pretty much crushed the Obama administration again this term. Yet you don’t find liberals burning their […]

Tonight on Mad Men, Advertising Eats Itself

I, Kenton Ngo, a man who works for a Democratic consulting firm, was just served an ad from Univision selling political ads. A wormhole has just opened. They’re using ads to feed more ads. The advertising spaces of metro Washington, DC where I grew up are filled with ads that aren’t meant for you. Commuters […]